The Process Pledge

The Process Pledge

I took the Process Pledge! So now I am posting a photo of a block in progress and enjoying each step of the process. You can click on the link below to learn more about The Process Pledge.

For me, it’s important to let go of the end result and savor each step along the way. This block is a good example. I am making a Feather quilt block for Shannon in the Simply Solids Bee, an online quilt block exchange on Flickr. September is Shannon’s month and she picked a gorgeous block.

For some reason, I always believe that the next step I need to take in whatever quilt project I am working on will take “about a half an hour.” So this morning, I thought I would just sew the strips together. It took me 90 minutes to pick out just the right colors, trim the strips to various sizes and stitch them into 2 sets. I had a few sewing machine threading problems during this time, but most of the time was spent putting together color combinations that please my eye. Really? I so need to get over myself!

Then I realized how much I like the strip sets. I am enjoying them so much at this phase. I even hate to cut these strips, though only the Lord knows when I’ll get to it anyway. I’m supposed to send the finished block in the mail tomorrow, but I may have to pin the strips sets to a wall and smile a while.

Wouldn’t it be bizarre if focusing on the “Process” actually sped things up? That would be ironic.

Let me know how your creative process works. I’d love to hear how others approach this part of their lives.

Have a great day.


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