My dilemma: Paint or sew?


This beautiful art was created by Elizabeth Barton and it’s called: Brush or scissors? It really speaks to my life right now, should I spend my precious free time today painting or sewing?

Elizabeth Barton is probably trying to decide between fine art painting and sewing a gorgeous art quilt. My dilemma seems very pedestrian in comparison. My “painting” is my backyard gazebo.

This home improvement project is eating up huge chunks of my free time, though I have to admit I am enjoying it immensely. When I paint, I am totally immersed in the experience and it’s a great feeling. I love being outdoors. My dogs patiently watch me and seem to be wondering “Why is she hanging out on our turf so much these days?”

Like Elizabeth Barton, I love to create. I love it so much, I’m not going to apologize for my efforts or categorize it any way except to say it’s my art and I love it.

Enjoy your creations, whatever they may be.



3 thoughts on “My dilemma: Paint or sew?

  1. dweinberg415 says:

    It is a dilemma! How do you decide?


    • sportsew says:

      The last few weeks I have been primarily focused on outdoor painting because the weather may turn bad. Now I need to see a quilt for a magazine. So I guess I amore deadline-focused than creatively driven. 🙂 You?


      • dweinberg415 says:

        Since my painting stuff is out, that’s what I tend to do. I think that’s a key – always have something ready to jump into. I should take my own advice about the sewing part of that….


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