Anti-perfectionism creations

Lately I’ve been into what I think of as “instant gratification creations”. I just do whatever is quick and easy, rather than obsessing about doing it “right”.

So I needed a quick label for my skyline quilt. I used a pencil to sketch a skyline and added my name and contact info, then copied it onto fabric. I touched up the fabric copy with an ultra-fine Sharpie pen. That’s it!

You know what? I like it more than any quilt label I’ve ever done.

An easy way to create a custom label for your quilt

An easy way to create a custom label for your quilt


Holidays craziness vs creative passions

Every year I struggle during the holidays to find a peaceful balance between all the things I want to do to celebrate the joys of Christmas with all the things I must do in my everyday life.

This year I did 2 smart things. First of all, I asked for help with a project. My friend Nancy came through in a big way. The added bonus was how much fun we had doing it together. 🙂 🙂

The second thing I did was to admit defeat with one of the big items on my every day TO DO list. I have two Tibetan Terriers. One has fabulous, easy-to-care-for hair. (I know it’s technically “fur” but it’s so long and gorgeous that it’s difficult to think of it as dog hair.) the other dog’s fur gets badly matted if I don’t brush it every day. Seriously, who has time for that?? So I took her to the groomer so they could shave it off. Here is her ‘before’ picture. I’ll post the ‘after’ picture shortly.


My dilemma: Paint or sew?


This beautiful art was created by Elizabeth Barton and it’s called: Brush or scissors? It really speaks to my life right now, should I spend my precious free time today painting or sewing?

Elizabeth Barton is probably trying to decide between fine art painting and sewing a gorgeous art quilt. My dilemma seems very pedestrian in comparison. My “painting” is my backyard gazebo.

This home improvement project is eating up huge chunks of my free time, though I have to admit I am enjoying it immensely. When I paint, I am totally immersed in the experience and it’s a great feeling. I love being outdoors. My dogs patiently watch me and seem to be wondering “Why is she hanging out on our turf so much these days?”

Like Elizabeth Barton, I love to create. I love it so much, I’m not going to apologize for my efforts or categorize it any way except to say it’s my art and I love it.

Enjoy your creations, whatever they may be.


Work gets messy

I am a freelance editor of sewing, quilting and craft books and I work from home. Most of the work is done electronically, but at times I have to organize reams of text, photos, samples and illustrations. I have a system to track it all, but I work on more than one book at once so the volume can be daunting. It’s important to know where everything is so I keep as much of it in files as I can.

I know what’s in the pile in this photo, but I need to work with it again today, so it isn’t filed yet.

I like to embrace my messy side and don’t “get” other people’s obsession with organization. However, I admit that ‘Messy’ becomes ‘Stressy’ if I can’t find something I need.